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For those with free time and a desire to learn. U3A provides an ideal environment in which to pursue new or existing interests.
Visit our monthly meeting to see if you would like to join this friendly group. A full list of  interest groups is available on this site under Groups
U3A Takapuna Annual General Meeting
August 7th @ 9:45
U3A Auckland Network Celebrating U3A
Main Speaker Mike King
August 30 2019

June Meeting Wednesday June 5th  9:45 am
Citizens' Centre
College Road
Guest Speaker: Cam McLeay
Topic: Ascend the Nile

A visual account of the world’s longest river journey co-led by Neil McGrigor (UK) and Cam McLeay in 2005/06 from the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt through Sudan (now Sudan and South Sudan), Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda to what has now become known as the ‘Mac Source’ of the Nile. Their team, which included Garth McIntyre from Wellington, made the first, and only ascent of the world’s longest river traversing a myriad of cultures, climates and topography. On this remarkable journey they completed what the ancient Egyptian armies, the Victorian explorers (Livingstone, Speke, Burton, Baker, and Stanley) and many others had been unable to do. En route they encountered the world’s tallest race, the shortest, and all of the wildlife you would expect in the heart of Africa. Cam has an unrivalled reputation as an expert on the Nile and has guided Prince William, Joanna Lumley and Top Gear along the mighty river. Cam is a Chartered Accountant, originally from Ngongotaha. Just after his last year of school, his mother booked his entire family on a rafting trip down the Rangitaiki River, near Rotorua. He remembers telling her he had much better things to do with his day, but acquiesced and joined the rest of the family as the eldest of four children. His father helped him build rafts of inner tubes and bamboo, and he has since become one of the world’s most experienced white water rafting guides, founding rafting company Adrift that operated in six countries around the world.

Mini Speaker
Tony Lewis
Topic: Battle of Jutland

U3A Takapuna has 38+ Special Interest Groups that you might find interesting. These groups are provided by members with the intent of creating a learning environment where there are no exams and you can lean at your own pace.
Here are a couple of  groups that might interest you

Board Games helps memory, stronger immune system, Enhances Mental Health, Stress Relief, & Laughter. Interested? Call our convenors Leonie 027-877-8811 or Ron 021-728-703

Mind Body Medicine. A series of lectures by professional's in the field. We are only just leaning how much the mind affects our body. Join us for a gentle travel through the subject. These are professional lectures recorded in USA and we watch two videos per month.
After each video we discuss what we have learnt and share our thoughts with others in the group. Then we watch the second video and discuss that one. A great way to learn.
Interested? Call our convenors Graham 489-5366 or Stephen 027-646-3866

Not a member of U3A Takapuna but would like to attend our groups then head over to the Join option on this website and you can join right now.

Photos from U3A New Members Day

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