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U3A Meetings at Northcote are cancelled until further notice. Until the Chrono Virus situation improves your committee feels it is better not to have large meetings. Watch this website for updates on this message
***Individual Groups may suspend or move online See Groups Listing for more details***
If a group does not indicate it is suspended or have an alternative to face to face meetings please contact convenor of the Group

For those with free time and a desire to learn. U3A provides an ideal environment in which to pursue new or existing interests. Visit our monthly meeting to see if you would like to join this friendly group. A full list of  interest groups is available on this site under Groups
Corona Virus Covid-19

We really are living in a time of uncertainty, decisions are being made in respect to ‘Should we travel or should we not?’ ‘Should we plan in case we have to isolate ourselves?’ ‘What can we do to protect ourselves to ensure we and those we care about remain well and free from this virus?’  We have been besieged with articles in the newspaper, on TV, information from friends and family – there is so much advice that we need to consider.   There are really two main strategies that we should incorporate into our lives:
  1. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is spread through droplets from sneezing and coughing so if you are unwell and coughing and/or sneezing better to stay at home and when coughing or sneezing and do both these into your elbow to limit the impact of the droplets. Wash and dry your hands well.
  2. There is no need to isolate yourself i.e. closing the door and not venturing out for any reason as a form of protection, but again if you are feeling unwell then this is a good initial strategy and then phone the Healthline 0800-358-5453 to discuss your symptoms with a professional rather than attempting to make a ‘self diagnosis’
Please refer to the video below which has been prepared by Doctor Peter Lin of the SW Heath Facility USA

Here are a few more recomendations that you can follow:

  1. All members who are vulnerable because of current health conditions stay away from all U3A activities
  2. Anyone with a sniffle cold, cough etc to stay away
  3. Members get a flu shot as soon as possible Due April
  4. Groups whose venue has been closed decide whether to find an alternative or close in the meantime and revert to  item 9
  5. Groups who meet in homes etc maintain meticulous hygiene
  6. Ensure any equipment used is sanitised ( e.g. shared mics.)
  7. In the event of all Auckland council facilities (rooms etc) being closed , close your groups meetings and those which meet in council run venues
  8. In the event of a general Health Department order to contain the virus on the North Shore or wider, close all meetings
  9. Groups try to maintain contact through phone, email and reference to useful web sites for your subject area Google Groups are a good way to run Group Discussion.
  10. Finally Hand Sanitizer is useful if available, at meetings. People should be encouraged to use it.

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