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For those retired or about to retire, U3A provides an ideal environment in which to pursue new or existing interests.
Visit our monthly meeting to see if you would like to join this friendly group.
Meeting April 5th 9:45AM
Citizens Centre
College Road
Guest Speakers:  Paul Moon
Topic: Nostalgia and Utopianism in NZ

The past is not always as it seems, and the future we hope for can turn out to be catastrophic. In this talk, Paul Moon will look at how we have shaped New Zealand history to make it more nostalgic, and how we have devised utopias that were doomed to fail from the start. Dr. Paul Moon is Professor of History at Auckland University of Technology, where he has taught since 1993. His research focuses primarily on nineteenth century New Zealand. He has a Doctor of Philosophy, a Master of Arts, and a Master of Philosophy, and in 2003, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society at University College, London. He was also recently elected as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Paul has published the biographies of Governors William Hobson and Robert
FitzRoy, and the Ngapuhi chief, Hone Heke. He has also written a series of books covering early nineteenthLcentury New Zealand history, and in 2013 published Encounters, which was shortlisted for the international Ernest Scott Prize in History. He has worked as a historical advisor for several television documentaries, both local productions and for the BBC, and is a frequent media commentator on issues to do with New Zealand history.

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This Month:  Architecture and Historical Studies

We are highlighting some of our Special Interest Groups over the next few months. Speakers will be from those groups and will talk about the groups and what they do. This is your chance to get an inside view of the selected Interest Groups and help you decide if this is a group you would join.

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