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For those retired or about to retire, U3A provides an ideal environment in which to pursue new or existing interests.
Visit our monthly meeting to see if you would like to join this friendly group.
New Study Group
Foundations of Western Civilization
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Meeting February 1st 9:45AM
Citizens Centre
College Road
Guest Speaker:  Paul G. Buchanan
Topic: US foreign policy after the elections

The  talk  will  focus  on  the  potential  impact  of  the  Trump presidency  on  US  foreign  policy,  both  generally  and  with regard  to  the  US  approach  towards  the  AsiaCPacific. Paul  is  the  Director  of  36th  Parallel  Assessments,  a  geopolitical, market  intelligence  and  strategic  assessment  consultancy (www.36thCparallel.com).    He  has  an  M.A.  from  Georgetown University  and  a  Ph.D.  in  Political  Science  from  the  University  of  Chicago.  A  member
of  Pi  Sigma  Alpha,  the  Political  Science  Honors  Society.      He  has  held  AsiaCPacific  RimUniversity,  Fulbright,  Council  on  Foreign  Relations,  Heinz  and  Mellon  research fellowships  as  well  as  numerous  other  awards.  His  interests  cover  international relations,  foreign  policy  and  comparative  politics.
Dr  Buchanan  was  raised  in  Latin  America  and  speaks  Spanish  and  Portuguese.  After his  university  training  he  alternated  an  academic  career  with  US  government  service. He  has  served  as  an  analyst,  instructor  or  consultant  for  the  State  Department, Department  of  Defense,  CIA,  Agency  for  International  Development,  Australian Defense  College,  MacArthur  Foundation,  Amnesty  International  and  numerous military  commands.    He  has  taught  at  the  Naval  Postgraduate  School,  Monterey Institute  of  International  Studies,  University  of  Arizona,  New  College  of  Florida, University  of  Auckland,  National  University  of  Singapore  and  held  visiting  positions  at academic  institutions  in  Argentina,  Brazil,  Chile,  Portugal  and  the  US.
Dr.  Buchanan  is  the  author  of  three  books,  over  sixty  scholarly  articles  and monographs,  more  than  100  opinion  pieces  and  several  US  policy  documents.
Mini Speaker: Pearl Thomson   
Topic:  Living and Working in the Bahamas
Is  it  all  sandy  beaches,  turquoise  water,  tropical  cocktails  and  
calypso  music?  Not  quite  all:  some  work  has  to  be  done.
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