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U3A Takapuna does not employ anyone to carry out any of the functions of the organisation. Everything is done on a voluntary basis. The overall running is in the hands of the President and Committee working within the rules of the registered Constitution, which limits the length of time that any individual may serve in a particular capacity. The committee consists of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and up to nine other committee members, each of whom is responsible for some aspect of the administration, such as maintaining membership records, arranging speakers for meetings, catering, hall arrangements, and so on.There are numerous other tasks that have to be attended to on a regular basis but do not necessitate being a member of the committee. These include the important functions of preparing, editing, printing, and distributing the monthly newsletter, managing and operating the sound system, operating the computer and projector for screening presentations in powerpoint or video, and arranging all the seating.
U3A Takapuna is an Incorporated Society and was formed in June 1991. More than twenty years down the track we are still going strong. We have about 300 members, and more than 30 study groups currently operating from which to choose, (see Study Groups page). If the subject you are interested in isn’t there, why not join us and start your own? There is certain to be plenty of interest.We have a General Meeting every month except January  (see Meetings page)
See below for a graph of members

The Constitution of U3A can be found here

20 and 25 Year Histories
In 2011 Takapuna U3A member Charlene Cordes compiled a History of our first 20 yearsIn 2016 she accepted the task of compiling a new edition to mark the Silver Jubilee
These can be accessed through the links below
Thank you Charlene for your contribution to U3A Takapuna!

Our Committee 2019-2020
President: Ron Wilson
Immediate Past President Vacant
Vice President: Stephen Warnes
Secretary: Erica Brash
Treasurer: David Gibbs
Speaker Convenor: Christine Ball
Catering Convenor: Vacant
Reception: Sue Pearson (Co-opted)
Membership: Jan Judson
Network: Ron Wilson
Study Groups Co-Ordinator: Rowena Scaletti
Hall Contact: Vacant
Committee Member: Jeanette Maddox, Brucilla Wright

Other Responsibilities:
Sound System: Garry Dimmock, Barry Hartley,  
Audio Vidsual: Boyd Miller, Chris Dentith
Hall Setup: Phil & Pauline Silver.
Newsletter Distribution: John & Judy Hanna
Newsletter Editor: Murray Pearson
Website: Ron Wilson

U3A Takapuna Members by Gender 2019

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