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Interest Groups: Meeting Times Are Listed Below Group Title. NB: Groups with asterick * are looking for more members

Meeting date each month

Architecture & Design
3rd Wednesday 9:45 am
Judy Hanna Phone: 489-4425

Members study and present talks on the Architecture and Design of our built environment, including Landscape Architecture, and also the Design of objects, especially furniture. There is an emphasis on the work of local and international architects and designers.  Materials used and construction methods are discussed, and site visits are arranged from time to time.
Astronomy *
4th Friday 9:45 am
Stuart Kendon
Phone: 0274-949-371
Talks prepared by various members, and sometimes taken from DVDs, cover a wide range from astronomical instruments and basic observing to the life cycle of stars and cosmology.  Occasional observing nights are scheduled using the Convenor’s 10” Dobsonian telescope, depending on weather conditions.


Auckland Heritage and History
3rd Friday 10:00 am
Christine Ball: 410-7789

Visits to heritage buildings, and house meetings, discussing the history of the buildings and the people involved in their beginnings. Members will be encouraged to share their own knowledge and experiences, and through their contacts may be able to arrange for us to visit privately owned buildings. Carpooling encouraged, and we may have café lunches during trips.
Cabbages and Kings
2 nd Thursday 1:30 pm
Anne Young: 486-3317
Liz Milne: 963-2810
Group members give short talks about whatever interests them at the moment, which leads to general discussion about all manner of things such as “shoes and ships and sealing wax - cabbages and kings. - why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings” as the Walrus said.
Chinese Painting and Art *
2nd Friday 1:30 pm
Doreen Brown: 473-0871
Covers all aspects of Chinese Culture. Study the history of Chinese Painting, materials and artists, and discuss reproductions from old masterpieces to contemporary works. Practical painting covers a wide variety of subjects. Attend exhibitions of painting, calligraphy and photography. Study and visit Festivals.
Classic Movies
3rd Monday
Ian Morris 480-0919
Venue 58 Balmain Road
A Classic Movie followed by Afternoon Tea and discussion
Classical Opera *
3rd Tuesday 1:30 pm
Jenny Adams: 489-5914
Each monthly meeting features a different opera shown on a large screen. Recent operas include Berlioz’s “La Damnation de Faust”, Dvorak’s “Rusalka”, Puccini’s “La Rodine”, Richard Strauss’s “Salome” and Verdi’s “Falstaff”.
Destination Walking *
1st Friday of Month 10:00 am
Jenny Adams 489-5914

Each month, one or more people would organise where and for
what purpose we are walking. Maybe looking at Art, buildings, nature or whatever.
There are boundless opportunities.
It will be your responsibility to arrange transport to and from the destination for
yourself and optional if some want to stop for a coffee and social time after the event.
Name, email and phone number please to Jenny Adams:

Famous and Infamous *
2nd Friday 10:00 am
Brucilla Wright: 480-0150
Two members each month select a person – living or dead – to present and discuss. It is an informal presentation and very interesting. Recent subjects include: Dr Crippen, Rudolph Hess, Rasputin, Florence Nightingale, Degas and Henry the Navigator. Interspersed with a good morning tea
Finance and Investment
3rd Monday 9:45 am
Chris Rimmer: 440-9240
Two or three topics are discussed at each meeting - general financial issues and specific companies. The agenda is emailed to members earlier so they can research and prepare for the meeting. Previous topics are revisited as they become newsworthy, or the Group’s knowledge increases. No need to be an active investor or financial wizard to participate in this friendly group

Film Appreciation *
4th  Monday 1:30 pm
Beth Campbell 478- 5773
This group encourages an interest in all aspects of film making. We meet monthly, sometimes with a speaker or we study a particular topic, for example the work of a director. We take a keen interest in the New Zealand Film Festival and often a quick email gathers a group to see a well-recommended film. Social activity is very important to us.
French *
1st  & 3rd Wednesday 2:00 pm
Ann Andreassend: 410-3297
We start with ‘homework’ from members, in French of course - a paragraph or two about a holiday, a film, a book, or even a joke. Then we have afternoon tea and continue reading our book. At present it is the autobiography of Georges Simenon, a fascinating memoir.
3rd Tuesday of Month  9:45 am
Boyd Miller: 488-7595

Exploring the physical structure and substances of the Earth, its history, and the processes which act on it. Programme follows a theme decided by the group. Members research a topic and contribute short presentations to the group. Occasional visiting speaker or visit to a place of interest
Globalisation *
4th Thursday 1:30 pm
Chris Ball: 410-7789
A small informal group with emphasis on discussion. The current areas of interest are the major changes taking place in global society, and developments which may herald a third industrial revolution.

Great Artists
1st & 3rd Thursday 10:00 am
Cherry Worger: 486-0615
The initial theme for 2016 is Renaissance Art. Themes are decided by consensus at the end of each previous year. The person hosting the session is also responsible for the presentation of their chosen topic. The twice monthly sessions begin at 10am with morning tea tea or coffee and about 30 minutes of informal catching up. We have a gallery visit about twice yearly.
Historical Studies *
2nd Monday 9.45am
Liz Milne: 021-269-5151

This Group will be ONLINE using Zoom  from 23/3/2020. All enquiries to Graham Ritson (details below)

History - The World of Byzantium
2nd & 4th Tuesday 9:45 am

This Group will be ONLINE using Zoom  from 23/3/2020. All enquiries to Graham Ritson (details below)

Jung *
Graham Ritson  489 5366
2nd & 4th Monday from 9.45am until noon
Venue: Online with Zoom

Note: Now starts November 25th and then 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month.

Latin Studies
2nd & 4th Thursday 10:00 am
Geoff Sheehan: 620-5169
Learn about the Latin Language. As this is an incremental course which builds on past lessons the group numbers are now closed.
Mah Jong *
1st & 3rd Friday 1:30 pm
David Johnson: 473-8942
Join us and play the classic game. If you would like to learn Mah Jong then this is the group to join. Join us and have fun while playing.
Making History *
1st Thursday 10:00am
Georgie Maurice: 473-0404

Historical events, individuals and unforseen circumstances great and small that shaped and changed history.

Maori Studies *
4th Wednesday 1:30 pm
Martyn Geary: 027-444-3219
or email:
Prehistory, history, religion and culture, with a little bit of easy language learning.
Now is the chance to become even more educated!
Unravel the mysteries.
This Group will be ONLINE using Zoom  from 23/3/2020. All enquiries to Graham Ritson (details below)

Mind Body Medicine
2nd Thursday 9:45 am
Graham Ritson: 489-5366
or email
The concept that the mind is important in health and illness dates back to ancient times. ... Mind-body medicine focuses on: The interactions among the brain, the rest of the body, the mind, and behavior. The ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, experiential, and behavioral factors can directly affect health
Modern English Literature
1st & 3rd Tuesday
Pearl Thompson Ph0ne:449-0450
Post-WW2 literature generally  - usually novels, but also short stories and poetry. Topics have covered a wide range of writers and themes from NZ to other parts of the Commonwealth. The present focus is female American writers to be followed by male writers for comparison. Presentations are followed by discussion.
Modern History *
2nd  Wednesday 9:45am
Martin: Lee: 294-7820
Programmes are selected democratically - the group (one of the original U3A Takapuna study groups) has covered many topics in its 24 years. Members volunteer to prepare a wide variety of talks covering individuals, events, countries, wars etc. We learn from each other while enjoying our regular socialising. Themes for 2016 are ‘The movement of Peoples - Migratory or Forced’. Visitors & new members are welcome.
Musical Studies *
2nd & 4th Monday's (apart from School Holidays)
9:45 am Sky Lounge Mayfair Village
Jan Judson: 021 396 152
Studies in aspects of western classical music from 100 c.e. to the present. Topics are studied thematically with lots of opportunities to listen to and talk about music of many different sorts. In 2018 we studyed the great turning points in music notation and printing, the story of the piano, and the development of the orchestra and its instruments. There are lots of opportunities for everyone to participate in presentations, discussions and the sharing of music of significance to them. We have members from right across the musical spectrum, from those who have performed and taught at the highest levels to those who simply enjoy listening to music for the joy it brings to their lives. Everyone is welcome.

Musical Troubadours *
2nd & 4th Monday 2.00 pm
Jocelyn Spinney : 445-3329
An Inter-U3A instrument playing group to encourage seniors to keep playing. Present instruments: violin, viola, cello, two harps, flute, recorder, piano. Various levels of ability...all welcome! We mainly play classical music but enjoy music from the shows etc. as well. We have given some short concerts to outside senior groups.
Other People’s Lives
4th Tuesday 2.00 pm
Patricia Lissette: 489-9465
Looking at other people’s lives in the form of biographies and autobiographies. “The Seven Lives of Lady Barker” was the first biography studied, written by the Group’s convenor. Members research and present a subject for discussion each month
Poetry Group
2nd Monday 1:30 pm
Val Overington: 486-5582

Poetry reading from a wide variety of poets from Chaucer to the present day chosen consensually and often influenced by anniversaries e.g. WW1  We read a short biography of the poet’s life, then we read two poems each of our own choice by that poet.
Scientific Horizons *
1st Wednesday 1:30 pm
Bob Atkinson: 021-127-4945
The programme is planned by the Convenor 3-4 months ahead and can include engineering, mathematics and science topics. Recent talks have been Ageing, Biological clocks, Francis Bacon, Fluoridisation, Fractals, Lasers, Magnetism, Migrations, Navigation, Super volcanoes and 3D printing. The meetings are held in homes that can accommodate the twelve members – no need to be a former scientist or engineer!
Scrabble *
1st Friday 9:45 am
Sue: 021-622-783

A small informal group with emphasis on increasing our word knowledge.   At the end of our games, there is a discussion about words that are new to us and their meanings.

Shakespeare *
3rd Monday 9:45 am
Andrew Pack: 418-1925
Members volunteer to talk about an aspect of Shakespeare. e.g. his life, one of his plays or sonnets; followed by discussion. Visitors and new members are very welcome.
Social Issues *
1st Friday 1:30 pm
Stephen Warnes: 027-646-3866
Social Issues New group that discusses social issues
Spanish Culture
2nd Friday 10:00 am
Pam Robinson: 489-4494
This group is in recess until further notice.

U3A Travel
3rd Monday 10:00 am
Jocelyn Spinley: 445-3329
Speakers come from anyone who has had a trip overseas. One speaker visited India as an air hostess and also as a tourist. Another visited his son in Brazil and shared the realities of life there, including walking 8km to the nearest bus, having no hot water and needing to climb a tree to connect to the Internet.
World War Two *
2nd Tuesday 1:00 pm
Ian Morris: 480-0919
From pre-war causes to post war recovery. Chronological study including political leaders, military leaders, the many roles of women in war, economic aspects , neutral countries, alliances etc. Viewing of actual film footage, and focus on particular issues in more detail – not just the various battles. Active input and discussion encouraged from all members.
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